Conditions for the use of Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue computing resources

The Université provides members of the university community with access to telecommunications and computing resources for the accomplishment of activities related to the Université’s mission. The user (whether employee or student) is obliged to use such resources for these purposes, and may not:
  • Give their username or password to other people.
  • Install software without authorization, or without having acquired the rights to its use.
  • Use computing resources for purposes unrelated to the Université’s mission (electronic games, pornographic web sites, commercial use, advertising, promotion and solicitation unrelated to the Université’s mission.
  • Spread or try to spread computer viruses.
  • Modify or destroy computer equipment (or peripherals) without prior authorization.
  • Access or attempt to illegally access, different institutional information systems.
  • Damage, alter or destroy information (data, documentation or software).
  • Usurp or attempt to usurp the identity of a user.
  • Attempt to intercept or to decrypt information.
  • Create or distribute obscene, pornographic, discriminatory, racist or hateful materials, or materials for the purposes of harrassment, as well as any information prejudicial to UQAT and to members of the university community.
  • Overload the network or systems (eg. by transmitting non-crucial information to a large number of email addressees).

As a consequence of the above, UQAT may take steps necessary to verify that these rules have been complied with.

Unauthorized use of computing resources may lead to withdrawal of acccess codes, and if appropriate, the application of sanctions in accordance with laws currently in effect and in accordance with UQAT policies and regulations.

For all questions related to these conditions of use, please contact the director of Computing Services at 762-0971 ext. 2529.